Customer Stories

I would not go anywhere else. From the experiences as a young boy, of having disappointments and a real sense of deflation of not having trousers off the peg that fit comfortably, when sitting down in my wheelchair. To now, feeling a sense of ‘down with the kids’ identity, and feeling like a cool, hip, sharp, boss 27-year-old lad with really banging designs. Sandra and her team are always getting my requirements on point, I would not go anywhere else. [Clothing Solutions] is a real credit to the specialist independent charitable sector, and business community – long may you continue. Know that I will be back for more clothing, and definitely a personal visit! Keep doing what you do to make customers, like me, highly satisfied.


I don’t know how I would manage without this service and the added bonus of home visits, wonderful.


I wasn’t sure if Clothing Solutions could help me. As an adult, it’s difficult to get away with wearing ill-fitting clothes and feel confident. I had a telephone consultation with Sandra, who immediately understood my needs. She took my measurements and requirements, all over the phone, and was able to make a vest with waterproof pants that fit perfectly. I’m still in shock – I don’t know how they do it! Knowing I can contact Clothing Solutions over the phone, through social media or via email eases my anxieties about living so far away. Now I can dress exactly how I want to – no more struggles


Truthfully, there is no doubt that this has made life easier, I m delighted really, very please to have discovered Clothing Solutions and have passed your name to other carers in the group.


I have to say a huge thank you for a perfect smart pair of strides. Thank you so much to everyone for making me feel normal once more. You have all been so helpful and so accommodating I can’t stop raving about you all to everyone I meet. The whole village knew that I was getting trousers made by you guys and they have all been impressed with the quality and finish. So too has my wife, son and physio and my MS nurse.


My special design drop front school trousers have given me back my independence.


Although I have never seen the team at Clothing Solutions in person, I’m so grateful for their service. As a teenager, it’s hard to find clothes that are on-trend but fit well. A lot of high street stores don’t take disability into consideration, and it’s difficult for me to shop with my friends. But Clothing Solutions always understands my clothing needs, and Sandra is the best at designing something I’ll love. Now I dress just like my friends!


Mandy was a cancer patient at a local hospice. Our service was recommended to her by one of her carers, who previously had clients that were also our customers. Mandy wanted to get married before she lost her life. After many visits, fittings and alterations, Clothing Solutions created Mandy’s dream dress in just two weeks. She started with a photo of her ideal look, and finished with the perfect wedding garment. Sadly, Mandy lost her battle the evening of her wedding; but was overjoyed to know she could enjoy her special day in a dress she truly loved. Mandy’s new husband and family adored the dress so much, they chose to have her buried in her wedding outfit.

My client is very particular about what he wears. Comfort is a priority when it comes to dressing him, as he spends a lot of time in the same position. It’s great that we have a service like Clothing Solutions, who not only create clothing for disabled and elderly people, but also visit the customer at home to get a real sense of what they want. They’re brilliant.


I emailed Clothing Solutions after coming across their page on Facebook. I saw that they made clothes for people all over the UK, so hoped I wouldn’t have to travel to receive help with my son’s clothing. Fortunately, we were able to create an idea over the phone and a denim daysuit for him was made. The suit needed built-in pants and reinforced seams to ensure it would last a long time and work.

I was so happy when I receive my son’s first bespoke suit, I couldn’t believe how perfectly it fit without Sandra and the team even seeing him! Even his occupational therapist couldn’t believe such a service existed without more recognition. The skill of this team is unlike any other – I have already placed an order for 7 more.


I had my reservations about Velcro because I thought it would look really noticeable. I didn’t want my shirt to look different to everyone else at school, because it’s difficult to stand out. I was really surprised when Sandra came up with the idea of putting the buttons back on my shirt, so it would look buttoned up when sealed. I was so excited to wake up the next morning so I could dress myself for the first time and look just like my friends and school. Thank you Clothing Solutions!